Samstag, 10. April 2010

Ich habe die Waffenmesse vergessen!

Hier ein kleiner Dank an die teilnehmenden Shopbesitzer!

Thx to you!
(Shops in alphabetical order)

2tone Traders (Gwillym Wycliffe)

Andera Shermer Weapons & more (Andera Shermer)

Angels & Daemons (Norton Burns)

Dakara Weapons (Dakara Blaisdale)

EZ Weaponry (Deccan Arida, JJames Alter, Romper Barbosa)

Gts&Fata Design (Tetsuia Kohime)

Honor Meter (Qapla Xie)

H&S Designs (Navar Harbinger & Stormie Frua)

Kodex (Nici Collins & Fenris Xeno)

LR weapons (Allia Lane & Larion Rhode)

Markz Weapons (Markz McMahon)

Mikazuki Weaponry (Eve Mikazuki)

Nutri Life System (Carney Dagger, Naleny Clary, Ulico Wotycer, Amania Romano)

P3 Weapons (Noreia Owen & P373R Kappler)

Panthers Gear Weaponary (Sylvia Hawks / Kaoru Slade)

Primus Weapons (Thord Karu)

Tala’s Weapons and Specialities // MetaLife meter (Tala Nagy)

Viso’s Bows (Visolela Naidoo)

~ZD~ Scripts (Archon Short)

Thank You to all of you!

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